I have to slow down On the Hunt publication.
Translation of the 8th (and last!!) chapter is not done yet . To avoid going on Hiatus, update will happen every two weeks from now on.

See you next week!

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JAPAN EXPO 2018 J+10

Of course, I forgot to take photos during the con. And the few ones I took are blurry. I'm cursed !

Here is a photo of our booth

Main event of this Japan Expo , for me, was the release of On the Hunt 3 (in French).
We almost sold all the copies! It really makes me happy to see them in Japan Expo haul photos on Twitter. I get to know my readers this way ;D. If you buy a copy of On the Hunt, don't hesitate to tweet me your photos ( my dms are also open for your comments!!)

I ended up bringing extra copies of my Inktober zine along the pre-orders.
And you know what? It is now sold out! Thank you everyone!

My shop is now open again !
I'm selling prints and many inktober originals.

I came back dead tired from Japan Expo but I am happy!

If you want to have a look at my haul and discover new artists to follow >>> Twitter

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Japan Expo 2018

Japan Expo is coming and I'll attend it this year again ! Come find me and the Kejhia team in Hall6 N681! I'll post the whole list of items I'm planning to sell later. But I can tell you the third and last book of On the Hunt will be released in French at the con ! We are working hard to publish the English version at the same date. On the Hunt 1 & 2 are still available on Kejhia online shop.

Also, if you buy anything from my online shop, you can collect your order at the con. Choose "Japan Expo 2018" as delivery option at check out. It's a good opportunity to get my Inktober zine or an original drawing with no additional cost.
My tictail shop is closing on the 28th, so hurry up !

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After all these years, I'm launching my own shop on Tictail! I'm currently selling original arts, print and an Inktober zine as well!
For this occasion, I'm holding a giveaway on Twitter. Winner will receive a copy of my Inktober 2017 zine. To enter, click on the picture and follow the instructions ~

Twitter Giveway

Contest is open to everyone (worldwiiiide) and ends on 14th december at 11:59pm (CET/GMT+1)... Mamma mia, thats's tommorrow! HURRY!!!
ε=ε=┏( >_<)┛

If you are interested in purchasing On the Hunt books and merch, they are on sale on Kejhia shop ;D

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If you knew me from deviantArt or Tumblr, you surely know how I've been working for years on my webcomic and already released two volumes in French.
This year, these books will finally get an English release for Japan Expo in July. To celebrate this, my friends and I are currently holding a giveway on Twitter!

If you want to win them, it's easy! Like and RT the following tweet until 06/17!

Good Luck ;) !

(Be careful about privacy settings, we can't see likes/activity from private accounts who haven't followed us!)

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On the Hunt launches

After all these years, I'm finally posting my webcomic in English! I'm so nervous ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

I want to thank Alhia and Shini for handling the translations from French to English!
Thank you very much!!! It wouldn't have been possible without you girls ⊂((・▽・))⊃

I started working on it in 2013, after being asked by friends "When will you draw a comic?" for years. I mustered my courage and did one. It was very rewarding as I learn many things, much more than what I expected and met new people through this experience. This English version is a new step for me and a very important one.
So to my new readers, I hope you will like this webcomic !

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