JAPAN EXPO 2018 J+10

Of course, I forgot to take photos during the con. And the few ones I took are blurry. I'm cursed !

Here is a photo of our booth

Main event of this Japan Expo , for me, was the release of On the Hunt 3 (in French).
We almost sold all the copies! It really makes me happy to see them in Japan Expo haul photos on Twitter. I get to know my readers this way ;D. If you buy a copy of On the Hunt, don't hesitate to tweet me your photos ( my dms are also open for your comments!!)

I ended up bringing extra copies of my Inktober zine along the pre-orders.
And you know what? It is now sold out! Thank you everyone!

My shop is now open again !
I'm selling prints and many inktober originals.

I came back dead tired from Japan Expo but I am happy!

If you want to have a look at my haul and discover new artists to follow >>> Twitter

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